Aanwinsten 2016

'Bright Star'

'Candy Dish'


'Center of Attention'

'Church Mouse'

'Con te Partiro'

'Country Mouse'

'Desert Mouse'

'Don Quixote'

'Edge of Night'

'Eternal Flame'

'First Mate'

'Flemish Steel'

'Georgia Sweetheart'

'Golden Meadows'

'Golden Needles'

'Green Eyes'

'Hanky Panky'

'Iron Sky'

'Itsy Bitsy Spider'

'Katherine Lewis'

'Katsuragawa Beni'

'Little Devil'

'Little Jay'

'Lucky Mouse'


'Moonlight Sonata'

'Moulin Rouge'

'Mount Kirishima'

ogon Amachi = ogon Amagi Iwa


'Oreo Cream'

'Party Popper'

'Pin Up'

'Plug Nickel'


'Rainbow's End'

'Remember Me'


'Shirley Levy'


'Smiling Mouse'

'Snow Mouse'


'Sultans of Swing'

'Sun Mouse'

'Teeny Weeny Bikini'


'Tortifrons' ('Kogarashi Giboshi')


'Vermont Frost'

'Virginia Reel'

'Wally's Bullfrog'